Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is a Bad Photo Really a Bad Photo?

Sometimes creating graphics from the photos that don't turn out as you may want them to can be more creative and more fun than the photography itself.  Here are some simple examples of graphics I've made out of one individual photo.  The flower in the photo is a simple morning glory being held in front of the Windows log out blue screen on the computer monitor.

The next step was to seamless tile the photo.

After this step was to make the kaleidoscope.

After doing the blue kaleidoscope, which I can actually do in different styles based on the settings I use, I went back to the original photo and used the plugin filter from the Toadies plugins called Lumiere's Color Glow.  Then I used the seamless tiling again and this is what I came up with.

With this result I then used the Kaleidoscope and got this.

Once again I returned to the original photo and using Toadies Crazy Colour Waves I made this.

And this was seamless tiled once again to get this.

After this step I again used the Kaleidoscope filter to get this result.

No matter how many times I change photos into graphic designs, I am consistently amazed at many of the results.  Not all photos work out well, and even when they do, they are so much alike others I have done that I don't keep them.  For example if I have many bad photos of landscapes with lots of green, or sky photos with lots of blue and white, the results often end up much the same.  But then a photo like the original one here is taken and so many options can be worked with to make all sorts of designs.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Skyism refers to taking pictures of nothing but the sky.  I enjoy taking pictures of the sky as well as trees framing the sky.  Below are just a few.  Others may be found in the section on Photographing God's Creation.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Capirani Name

It has come to my attention today that there is another Capirani out there.  Let this be known that I am the only Capirani connected to this blog and my other blogs Talking It Over  and Creatively Writing and page two of this photography and graphics blog Capirani Photography as well as my Squidoo lenses with my own Squidoo Lensmaster profile at Capirani's Lensmaster Page and also on Twitter @CapiraniPhotography. If you see any website or profile page on any other site using this Capirani name, please check with me to find out if it is mine or someone else using the same name.  There are reasons that I think it could be an attempt at identity theft since I have specific reasons for choosing this name that only those who know me personally would understand.  Today I found at least two other websites including YouTube where the user has been using the name Capirani.  Yes I do have a YouTube account, but NOT with this name.  The other sites where I found the name being used, I have no connection to at all.