Monday, June 29, 2015

What to Do With This Blog?

Okay, what am I going to do with this blog?  Here it sits, lonely and forlorn, neglected by the blogger.  I've let it slip past me for over a year and that is a problem.  The problem for me is that I am wearing myself too thin for posting regularity anywhere.  Some things get priority and my blogs seem to continually take last place.  Oh believe me, I have others that are even more neglected than this one.  Believe it or not, I have another place, maybe two, where I could start all over.  I've thought about starting all over with this blog and my original photography blog.  But, I just don't want to lose the information I've posted on both of these over the years.

The reason I started this blog was because I believed that the original Capirani Photography blog was getting too full of photographs and graphics.  Honestly I started both of these blogs back in the day when I was just beginning to experiment with altering my photographs into something totally different.  I had no clue back then just what I had going.  Now for the past year I have been represented by Xanadu Gallery in their online gallery and have had my own domain name and website.  I like finally having my own domain name.  But what I don't like is having myself spread out over so many different locations.  I mean there are these two blogs, Xanadu, Flickr, and now Fine Art America/  Even Fine Art America is gradually transferring parts, if not all, of its operation over to  There is a lot of thinking to do about everything that has happened in the past year and where I want to go from here.  I can't help but think that it would be much more efficient to have everything I possibly can in just one or two locations.  Obviously, gallery representation will remain separate, and could grow to multiple galleries the more I work on getting my work out into the public eye.  Fine Art America/ offers blog space there as well.  And the good thing about them is that they will post directly to Twitter and Facebook automatically whenever I upload photos.  I will have to check whether or not they do the same with blog posts.  It saves so much time. 

On Twitter I am now connecting with interior design firms, paper making firms, and fabric making firms.  So many of my designs are more than just wall art.  Many of them would make excellent gift wrap, and others would make fabric designs that would make beautiful clothing, or even upholstery fabric.  I am only now starting this process of connection and looking for other ideas as well.  This is a big learning curve.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Abstract Photography

Well who knew?  Not me, obviously.  I was totally clueless as to what to call what I do with photos when I turn them into graphic designs.  Actually, I knew that graphic design was not really what I wanted to say, but didn't know what else to call it.  Then after I borrowed a beautiful flower photo from a friend and turned it into graphic design, my friend called it abstract photography.  It still took me a few days to realize that abstract art is not limited to painting.  Today I began my research into abstract photography and have concluded that this is what I do.  It's so nice to finally put a name one of my favorite things to do in photographic art.

Here are some great links about abstract photography.

Definition: Abstract Photography

40 Astounding Examples of Abstract Photography

What is Abstract Photography? Abstract Photo Art of Jonathan Steele

Artspan Portal: Abstract Photography--Introduction to Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography--Definition and Examples

Abstract Images: How to Make Striking Contemporary Art With Your Camera

Abstract Photography on Facebook

36 Brilliant Examples of Abstract Photography

There are so many, many websites out there devoted to abstract photography, but these should be enough to get you started.  I don't know anyone else personally who really enjoys abstract photography other than my granddaughter who joins me in this process.  However, I hope that you will take a look at these links, and also at my own attempts at abstract photography.  I guess I will have to change my tabs on both of my photography blogs now.  :)

Using Extension Tubes Instead of Macro Lenses

Oooops!  I sadly allowed this blog to go unused for too long.  If you have been keeping up with the main photography blog, you will see that I have been using extension tubes for macro photography.  Currently, getting a good macro lens is outside of my budget, however, I found a great deal on a set of 5 extension tubes from Amazon last month.  I've been trying them out on quite a few different items to see how they work.  Everything from peonies to marbles to aquarium gravel and more.  While I've posted quite a few of the results on the other blog, here are some results from this week.  Many of these might end up being turned into graphic designs as well.  One of the interesting things I did by accident this week was to create some colorful bokah with light reflecting onto the items I was photographing.  The results of that turned out to be photos that could easily become beautiful backgrounds for websites, or desktop wallpaper, etc.  I can't wait to start working with these photos to see what I come up with.  In the meantime, here are some of the best shots I got today.  I really love the colors.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is a Bad Photo Really a Bad Photo?

Sometimes creating graphics from the photos that don't turn out as you may want them to can be more creative and more fun than the photography itself.  Here are some simple examples of graphics I've made out of one individual photo.  The flower in the photo is a simple morning glory being held in front of the Windows log out blue screen on the computer monitor.

The next step was to seamless tile the photo.

After this step was to make the kaleidoscope.

After doing the blue kaleidoscope, which I can actually do in different styles based on the settings I use, I went back to the original photo and used the plugin filter from the Toadies plugins called Lumiere's Color Glow.  Then I used the seamless tiling again and this is what I came up with.

With this result I then used the Kaleidoscope and got this.

Once again I returned to the original photo and using Toadies Crazy Colour Waves I made this.

And this was seamless tiled once again to get this.

After this step I again used the Kaleidoscope filter to get this result.

No matter how many times I change photos into graphic designs, I am consistently amazed at many of the results.  Not all photos work out well, and even when they do, they are so much alike others I have done that I don't keep them.  For example if I have many bad photos of landscapes with lots of green, or sky photos with lots of blue and white, the results often end up much the same.  But then a photo like the original one here is taken and so many options can be worked with to make all sorts of designs.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Skyism refers to taking pictures of nothing but the sky.  I enjoy taking pictures of the sky as well as trees framing the sky.  Below are just a few.  Others may be found in the section on Photographing God's Creation.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Capirani Name

It has come to my attention today that there is another Capirani out there.  Let this be known that I am the only Capirani connected to this blog and my other blogs Talking It Over  and Creatively Writing and page two of this photography and graphics blog Capirani Photography as well as my Squidoo lenses with my own Squidoo Lensmaster profile at Capirani's Lensmaster Page and also on Twitter @CapiraniPhotography. If you see any website or profile page on any other site using this Capirani name, please check with me to find out if it is mine or someone else using the same name.  There are reasons that I think it could be an attempt at identity theft since I have specific reasons for choosing this name that only those who know me personally would understand.  Today I found at least two other websites including YouTube where the user has been using the name Capirani.  Yes I do have a YouTube account, but NOT with this name.  The other sites where I found the name being used, I have no connection to at all.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Planning the Edits

Just checking in.  I've been taking new pictures but haven't gotten to them to look at yet.  There are a couple tabs here to check.  A Little of This... is the tab for graphics made from photos.  A Little of That... is the tab for graphics made from scratch.  Graphics are fun, but the photography is what I want to focus most on.  Until I can get somewhere to do more with that, graphics works for now.  In the meantime, here are some of the new shots I still need to work on...

With this first one of the CD's on the shelf, I was thinking about the color combinations and lines and what this might turn into as graphics.  This is only part of my CD collection, not to mention all the vinyl record albums and cassette tapes I have.  But with just this much in view, what do you think of my musical tastes???  

Wouldn't you know that I could not let some of these go without trying some editing yet tonight?  After several different filtering effects, this is what I came up with for the CD's on the shelf.  You can almost still read some of the words.  But at least you can get some idea of how a photo gets turned into a graphic design.

Well, I did take the time to edit this picture of the sidewalk chalk just a bit to make it more what I am looking for.  I like this as it is.  But as a graphic design possibility, the colors and shapes offer a lot to work with.  This was originally photographed in the box and at a diagonal with much of the box sides showing as shown below this one.  

This picture of the tree branches, leaves, and sky will most likely be something I experiment with to see what I can do with light and color.  I doubt this will become one of the graphic designs other than to see what filter effects I can use in just changing colors, etc.

Oh okay, I just had to do it before I closed for the night...
I was hoping to get more color into the sky, but so far all I did was make the leaves more like autumn.  This is a walnut tree and the leaves mostly go yellow.  I made them orange and red.  The sky, however, ended up white/gray.  At one point I had them lavender.  I can see from all the experimenting I have been doing how sci-fi shows such as Stargate SG1 made such bright and colorful landscapes for the different planets they visited.

I couldn't resist so here is the lavender/pink one and also one I did in blue.

Another photo of the box of sidewalk chalk.  This one turned out somewhat blurry but should work out in making designs since there is so much color to work with here.  One of the reasons I took pictures of the sidewalk chalk (and may still take more pictures) is that I'm finding it difficult to come up with graphic designs that might appeal to children, especially if used for gift wrap, or scrapbooking pages, etc.  Designing what I think girls would like vs what boys might like is difficult too.  Maybe that's because I am female and it could be just naturally easier for me to do. 

I guess that gives you a little look inside my mind at how I think when I put some of these things together.  If you look on the first blog which I still work with, you can see more of the newer editing I have been doing just experimenting with color and light.  I'm learning as I go along and sharing what I learn here too.  Check it out at